Red Sky Health Guard

Red Sky Health Guard is a Real-Time Health Communication System
designed to keep your Organization Safe & People Healthy

iOS & Android Self-Assessment Mobile App

Daily Self-Assessment

Taking only a few moments, users submit their daily health self-assessment which is securely stored in the cloud. Each morning administrators view the dashboard to quickly see if any submissions include positive reponses to the brief questionnaire and if so, appropriate actions are taken to ensure their facility is a healthy and safe environment. Responses are displayed on a Google map as color-cooridanted points indicating their health status.

Custom Questionnaires

All self-assessment questions have been approved by the CDC & WHO, however these questions can be easily modified and additional questionnaires created as needed.

Unlimited Mass & Targeted Messaging

At any time, organizations can easily send messages to all users or specific individuals based on their location, associated groups or other options. This powerful communications system instantly sends targeted messages to specific or all users regarding organization announcements, emergencies, inclement weather, power outages and more - to keep your people safe and informed.

Open API

Red Sky Health Guard was developed with a real-time Open API to securely share data with approved partners or to be consumed by software applications and/or services.

Cloud-Based Dashboard

Red Sky Health Guard offers a Feature-Rich Data Visualization Dashboard


Each organization has secure access to their own personalized Redsky Health Guard Dashboard. A free iOS & Androice Red Sky Health Guard mobile app is provided to all users and they can easily register by only entering their name and organization’s email address.

Contact Tracing & Reporting

Red Sky Health Guard records the GPS location when a self-assessment was submitted and is saved for 90 days allowing for contract tracing. Groups of GPS submittals are displayed as points or groups on a Google map and can be viewed over time. Should an outbreak occur in any region, users can be notified if they were in that area in the past 14 days (or more).

A wide range of reports can be generated, or the data exported as a CSV file, based on GPS coordinates, locations, user submitted symptoms and other criteria. The only data that is stored is the GPS location and health status when a self-assessment was submitted and never any Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

White Label

The Dashboard & Mobile App can be easily customized to reflect your Organization's Brand

Red Sky Health Guard Messaging System

White Label & Customization

The Red Sky Health Guard Dashboard and Mobile App were designed to be easy to customize to accommodate your organization’s brand, including your logo. Using Mobile Device Management (MDM), you can design the mobile App user experience. We also offer software customization services should additional functionality including API integration with your applications.

If you’re interested in becoming a Red Sky Health Guard reseller, we offer White Label options. Please contact us for more information.

Cloud Hosting or On Premise

The Red Sky Health Guard Dashboard is hosted with Amazon Web Services, however should your organization want to host on premise, we can accommodate this request. Please contact us for more information.

Subscription Plans

All Red Sky Health Guard Plans Include:

  • Free iOS & Android Mobile App
  • Cloud-Based Data Visualization Dashboard
  • Mass Messaging to all or Specific Users
  • Contact Tracing (90 Days)

  • Google Map Intergration and Map Markers
  • Custom Reporting & Export to CSV file format
  • Open API
  • Free Mobile App & Dashboard Updates

Green Plan
1 - 20

$9.95 / month

Blue Plan
21 - 100

$49.95 / month

Red Plan
101 - 200

$99.95 / month

Purple Plan
201 - 400

$199.95 / month

Silver Plan
401 - 600

$299.95 / month

Gold Plan
601 - 1,000

$499.95 / month

Red Sky Health Guard For Organizations with more than 1,000 Users, Click Here to request a Custom Quote


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